INEXCEL CCO Interim Excellence in health care businessINEXCEL CCO Interim Excellence in health care business

INEXCEL CCO LTD is a full service contracted commercial organisation focussed on market entry management in Germany.
Harnessing the spirit of passionate entrepreneurs, we build up your full commercial structure and only step out once a sustainable, stable level of business has been achieved.
You will get your own local branch office, with risks and costs kept to aminimum. We will transfer all business to your new team and also deliver full executive search support to build your organisation.

The Steps into german business
Analysis and assessment
Each assignment starts with an in-depth analysis of the given situation by an experienced INEXCEL team. Focusing & balancing customers` expectations and identifying crucial aspects for a successful market entry in Germany in terms of profitability and timelines.
set up strategy
Building up the full commercial strategy from scratch including all structures and alignments needed.
set up tactical plan
Develop detailed tactical roadmap covering product-, affiliate-, and regulatory needs.
plan operationalization
Start promotion and run affiliate in terms of daily business operations. Start administration, reporting and controlling.
stabilisation and cco exit
Stabilize business in terms of day to day operations, followed by staggered reduction of INEXCEL CCO resources. Transfer companies 3rd party contacts to new staff. Add additional consultancy period if appropriate.